CSS Playground started as an experimental one man project.

As a web developer, I've found learning CSS to be more difficult then it should be. Why are most of the CSS tutorials out there in only text and pictures?

I could read a long article on flexbox but at the end of the day, I'll have no idea how to use it. That's really the nature of CSS where you only learn if you play around with it.

So that's why I started to build CSS Playground as a platform to create interactive CSS playgrounds/tutorials.


I originally began working on CSS Playground early October 2017. Back then, it was just a website showing interactive CSS tutorials that only I've made.

In June 2018 (after 9 months of hard work), I was ready to show my project to the world. I posted my project publicly to social media and the website quickly blew up in popularity. The sudden popularity validated my reasoning for building this website.


Seeing the impact my website has had continues to motivate me, and so I'll be maintaining CSS Playground for as long as I can. There are a lot of features and cool things I want to add so I'll be here for the long run.